Readout electronics for the SiPM tracking plane in the NEXT-1 prototype

Research areas:
Herrero, V.; Toledo, J.; Català, J. M.; Esteve, R.; Gil, A.; Lorca, D.; Monzó, J. M.; Sanchis, F.; Verdugo, A.
Type of Publication:
Nucl. Instrum. Meth. Phys. Res. A
Neutrinoless double beta decay, Xenon gas TPC, SiPM readout, Front-end electronics, Gated integrator


NEXT is a new experiment to search for neutrinoless double beta decay using a 100 kg radio-pure high-pressure gaseous xenon TPC with electroluminescence readout. A large-scale prototype with a SiPM tracking plane has been built. The primary electron paths can be reconstructed from time-resolved measurements of the light that arrives to the SiPM plane. Our approach is to measure how many photons have reached each SiPM sensor each microsecond with a gated integrator. We have designed and tested a 16-channel front-end board that includes the analog paths and a digital section canadadrugs24 . Each analog path consists of three different stages: a transimpedance amplifier, a gated integrator and an offset and gain control stage. Measurements show good linearity and the ability to detect single photoelectrons.

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