Incidence position estimation in a PET detector using a discretized positioning circuit and neural networks

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Mateo, Fernando; Aliaga, Ramón José; Martínez, Jorge Daniel; Monzó, José María; Gadea, Rafael
Year: Type of Publication: Journal: Volume: Pages:
2007 Article Lecture Notes in Computer Science 4507 684-691


Anger logic, continuous scintillator, Discretized Positioning Circuit, gamma camera, Multi-Layer Perceptron, neural networks, Photomultiplier Tube, Positron Emission Tomography


The correct determination of the position of incident photons is a crucial issue in PET imaging. In this paper we study the use of Neural Networks (NNs) for position estimation of photons impinging on gamma-ray detector modules for PET cameras based on continuous scintillators and Multi-Anode Photomultiplier Tubes (MA-PMTs). We have performed a thorough analysis of the NN architecture and training procedures, using realistic simulated inputs, in order to achieve the best results in terms of spatial resolution and bias correction. The results confirm that NNs can partially model and correct the non-uniform detector response using only the position-weighted signals from a simple 2D Discretized Positioning Circuit (DPC). Linearity degradation for oblique incidence is also investigated. Finally, the NN can be implemented in hardware for parallel real time corrected Line-of-Response (LOR) estimation.

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